Parking Ticket Expert, Barrie Segal will help you fight your parking ticket or parking fine!

With his help you will be able to fight that parking ticket and learn about the tricks and scams which are used to issue them.

If you are a commercial company or business and are inundated with parking tickets Barrie has the answer!

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Richard Hammond of "Top Gear" fame, live on TV show described Barrie Segal as "the UK's leading parking ticket expert". He has unrivalled experience of fighting cases at the parking adjudicator (known as Traffic Courts in the USA) and has won important victories for the motorist including one case in the English High Court as a result of which 6 million parking tickets with a face value of £300 million were cancelled.

parking ticket expert, Barrie SegalBarrie runs the world famous website which has had visitors from an astonishing 156 countries!

Barrie will help you:

  • appeal a parking ticket or parking fine.  
  • appeal to the adjudicator or court  
  • find out what to do if you are handed an unfair parking ticket.  
  • find the parking law that you need.  
  • fight private parking fines  
  • and if you decide to pay your parking ticket the quickest and safest way to do so. 

He is also an Amazon Number 1 Author and the author of the best selling book "Barrie Segal's Quick Guide To Fight Your Parking Ticket"

 Barrie Segal's Quick Guide To Fight Your Parking Ticket: By The UK's Leading Parking Ticket Expert by [Segal, Barrie]

He is also the author of the best selling book, The Crazy Parking Ticket Awards: Crazy Councils, Meter Madness and Traffic Warden Hell

The Crazy Parking Ticket Awards: Crazy Councils, Meter Madness and Traffic Warden Hell by [Segal, Barrie]

Before we start let's ask why so few people fight their parking ticket or parking fine.

The vast majority of people take the view that fighting a parking is time consuming and that the process is so intimidating that the average person just cannot win.

Coupled with the vast resources that councils, the police and other authorities have so many people give up and pay up.


Barrie says "I believe that this view is misguided because the facts proved otherwise.

The majority of motorists believe that they cannot take on a council, the police or other public authority to fight an unfair parking ticket or parking fine.. The facts show that this is not the case. I have personally fought cases on behalf of clients as well as myself and won - decisions which have affected every motorist in the United Kingdom.

Two cases stand out. The famous Barnet v- Moses case heard in the High Court which dealt with the legality of parking tickets issued under the Road Traffic Act 1991 (since superseded in England and Wales by the Traffic Management Act 2004) and my own case Barrie Segal- v - City of Westminster (PATAS Case No. 2090277347) which dealt with the then enforceability of Controlled Parking Zones in London.

The Barnet v- Moses case started when a motorist believed correctly that he had been given two parking tickets unfairly. I appealed on his behalf but the council rejected the appeals. I told the council that if they continued to reject the appeals I would take the appeal to the parking adjudicator and point out that their parking tickets were invalid as this did not comply with the law. They ignored this - both appeals were heard by an adjudicator who cancelled the parking tickets confirming that they were illegal and unenforceable. The results were a disaster for the Barnet Council who asked for a review of the adjudicator's decision. Another adjudicator reviewed the cases and upheld the original decision. The council then applied to the English High Court for a judicial review of those decisions. After a full day's hearing the judge upheld the original decisions and the rest as they history!

Another case is that of Finister - v- Leeds City Council

But surely you say, how can I fight back when the rules and laws are so complex. Well you can!!.

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